Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Two Recent Birthday Limericks

For a while I was posting birthday limericks on my Facebook friends' walls.  I still do it when inspired (or requested!)

This one was for my cousin Allyson, a half-marathon runner, who was on a bike trip to San Francisco on her birthday.  She let me know she was waiting patiently for her limerick and wanted her youth and girlish figure highlighted:

To my cousin, I raise a libation:
the most youthful, slim blonde in the nation!
Though it's running she likes
she's in love with her bike:
she cannot resist the vibration!

For my aunt Al, a retired school teacher in Madison, who is spending a lot of her time at the Madison capitol building marching pro-union:

There once was a lady called Alice
who marched without venom or malice.
Demure and reserved,
(unless Tea was being served);
and then what a tempest would fell us!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Haiku

I weep in my sleep.
on my pillow, a shadow
of my face remains.

Fragrant like napalm
tween bombshell's heady weapon
of Love's Fresh Lemon.

Wrapped in new couture
not lover's arms. Pearls, heavy
where her heart should be.

A singing Partridge
is sweet.  A Partridge as a
chicken is fowl play.