Monday, September 5, 2011

Haiku Monday: Birth

Orgasmic labor?
Too good to be true, I think.
Like fat-free ice cream.


  1. Wait.

    I made it through about 120 seconds of this video before clicking the button.

    Umm, maybe not the best choice of words.

    Anyway, so this was an unexpected event that the cameras just happened to be there for?

    All a little too convenient. And way too smug.

    And if it was a reenactment, I think I'd have to categorize this as 20/20 running a nationwide audition for two porn star wannabes.

    Speaking of ice cream, though, my kids were scooped out. Just for the record.

  2. I assume that these were not re-enactments and that the film footage was probably homemade and then used in the piece. I was too mesmerized by her decidedly 70s porn star eyebrows. Definitely smug!

    Would have loved to hear Barbara Walters say "orgasmic birth" but maybe she was on Donald Trump's yacht having begged off this piece.

    Scooped out??? Oh, Csar!