Sunday, March 10, 2013

Haiku Monday 3/11: Bloom

This week's theme is "bloom".

Come and play, and bring your fellow wordsmiths along!


Structure: 5-7-5  syllable pattern
Kigo: Seasonal reference
Kireji: Cutting word establishing a correspondance between the two images it separates.

Optional: Image

As many entries as you like; please indicate two for judging.

Deadline is 11:59 Pacific Time, Monday, March 11.

Good luck!


  1. here are my entries

    kneeling at the white throne
    butterflies swoosh and flutter
    a life blooms inside

    scribbles of color
    rainbows and lollipops swirl
    an artist emerges

    1. Now if I had written "kneeling at the white throne," I'd never hear the end of it from your gracious hostess.

    2. Very nice, Becca! Somehow, you made white throne sound very un-terlet like.

      Very true, Csar.

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  5. I should be up later with a visual:

    Century old frienship,
    broken by life's circumstances,
    old friends walk the sea

    1. Great my dear--and while you're at it, you may want to count your syllables. I'll give you "centch-ry" in line one; but you must address line two! Nice theme, though.

  6. [cutting word or punctuation, please]

    Youtoo, Molly. Brooks's Bloom --
    A Wilder "Springtime."





    1. Csar, of course cutting punctuation counts, too. But you still need the correct syllables in line two...yes?

      Nice stuffing of action in one little haiku. Nice use of footnotes, too-although I could've lived without the description of mutton kidneys given off a scent of urine. That's why you have a bad rap for the occasional lapse in classiness for all your complexity.

    2. Fleur, Fleur, Fleur: I sit here most weeks drumming away with my fingertips like an OCD chef checking to make sure the burner is turned off to make sure I have the correct number of syllables. I do it before, during, and after submission. I toss and turn counting 5, 7, 5. It affects my every waking moment. I hear snippets of speech during the week and think, "Hmm, 5."

      But since you brought it up, I decided to go with Chicago Manual of Style punctuation to allow the "s" after the apostrophe, as opposed to Associated Press style. The "s" creates another syllable: Brooks-ehz.

      Note to self: Fleur actually reads the footnotes. Next time, cite the whole f()cking Ulysses.

      Love ya, Fleur, but my Wikipedia citation doesn't trump the haiku image of someone talking on the big white phone, as sweet as it is. Primary reference vs. secondary reference and all that.

      I'm in the middle of my third book in the last month on war crimes and genocide. I'm feeling particularly authoritarian and czarish at the moment, as you've discovered too late.

      Fleur, Fleur, Fleur . . . Making me work at Haiku Monday.

  7. now:

    The first bloom of spring?
    Shy flowers from under snow?
    Not so much -- slime molds!


    1. Ohhhh, this took a sudden turn south! I like the shy flowers better. But a sudden turn can work in one's favor, yes??

  8. Thanks for the invite, Fleur. Since the gardening bug has bit the wife bad, I should try to think of something for this, but not sure. We'll see. Loved Becca's first, tho!


    1. Well, it's nice to have you drop by, anyway!

  9. Night shadows unfurl.

    Evanescent lights flicker..

    Fireflies whoop, "hump night!"

    (I'm not up yet, but will probably be with youtube video for "making whoopy". I will let you know.

  10. Good evening Fleur,

    Congratulations on your win! You, our wistful expert on matters of the heart.

    I submit two for your review. The first is really the only one to judge. Unfortunately the second one is what I think of when someone mentions bloom.

    Youthful beauty blooms
    Yet to fade with time and trial
    Bring grace and wisdom

    aquatic microorganisms
    Harmful algae bloom

    @ Boxer and Foam: It's so nice to see you both competing.

    Good luck to all.

    1. Hi, Karl! Extremely poignant subject matter; I particularly like "yet to fade with time and trial" though I am skeptical of the use of "trial" as one syllable.

      I read your second one outloud and sounded very intelligent!

  11. Fleur:

    You may be right, a Renaissance it IS:

    I have a couple for ya'. First is a birthday 'ku for me mum:

    Winter winds from north
    Subside. Flowers burst to bloom
    Born at cusp of Spring

    & second is an ode to the sweet smells of SPRING:

    Blushing with sun's light
    Pregnant flora's wakening
    Births the coming SPRING!!

    Your love poison is always a WINNER!!! Congrats!!


    P.S. Oh, and I'm actually UP

    1. Thank you, Rafa! So nice to see you here. Your entries are graceful and very stirrin!

  12. Eventide's moonbeam..

    Shimmers on glistening shaft

    Wilting happily...

  13. Well, dammit, Fleur. You've gotten under my skin such that I had to try to go traditional:

    Bright bursts foretasting
    Spring! Heralded arriving,
    Silence when they fall.

  14. Nice turnout so far Fleur. Here is my second. Been a little preoccupied...

    A spring blooms with hope
    when Mom called today. "I'm home...
    The hip is solid!"

    I do have one visual up now.

  15. okay, i'm up. hello to everybody. turnout is good! and i do want to add: congratulations on your latest win! i wasn't surprised in the least. this was fun indeed. and look! there's rafa!

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  17. What blooms within grief?
    Surely ... that first sprig of hope,
    love does survive death.

    Rose blooms on my cheeks
    spawned my Summer memories
    of ocean brined flesh


  18. Great turn out Fleur--fun.

    I'se up wif visuals @

    His chill morning kiss
    Burned: Scarlet efflorescence
    Stained thy cheek...with shame.

    'Midst Autumn's moldy
    Witherings of lost glory,
    Hope! Amaryllis.

  19. Did I mention I'm up with visuals?

  20. Not sure which was most arousing, Foam's 'ku, Czar's "authoritarian moment" or the whole Czar/Fleur spar...either way; YOWZAA...SO HOT!D

    You certainly know how to heat up a's sultry in here


  21. Good evening Fleur,

    A fine performance by everyone.

    I should've checked my dictionary. However it decided to wing it instead. Please accept this edit.

    Youthful beauty blooms
    Yet fade with time and trial
    Bring grace and wisdom

  22. Nice turnout Fleur! I'll be back on board next week. Im partial to Foamys and Aunty's this week. that first one by Aunty is very intriguing. not sure I get it but the visual is great. Good luck Judging and congratulations on your win last week

  23. Does anyone know who won?

  24. Good evening contestants,
    Sure, there is a winner. Yet we may have to wait to find out who it is. You see, you never know when our dear Fleur. Has to take off and put on her alter a identity. Yes... She is likely off saving New York in her role as Cougar Cop, along with her hunky sidekick Sergeant Biff Bicep. Hitting the streets, fighting crime, and having erotic interludes with the young studs she meets along the way.

    So be patient, I'm sure there's a good reason.

    1. Thank you for that vote of confidence! I like your version much better than the reality...but standby for the Announcement of the Winner.

  25. Fleur,
    Hope all is well and you are indeed having a breath taking adventure of great personal import. If we miss a weeks game....well there are other forms of entertainment.

    If your delay is not about high adventure but something more worrisome then Godspeed my friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Fishy! Did not mean to make my friends worry--but I had a very demanding conference surprise me half way through my write up--so couldn't back up! Stand by for the next post.

  26. Hi All. The winner is in the next post! Leap ahead.

  27. Haiku Monday is at Pondering... or
    this week.