Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Haiku Monday:Broken

Primal tap, then crack.
Our feathered friend alights, free.
Home...home on the range.


  1. Good evening Fleur,

    Nice one. Nothing like a cute chick.

  2. ...Where chicks of a feather do play;)

    Tongtwistic, Fleur!

  3. Trying to break out of the pack has never been so... delicious.

  4. Hey, trying to drum up some business. No, not money business, haiku. Got a noob judge, an interesting open theme ("trouble", like any of us know about that! :p), and thought I'd advert for her. Give her a... serious contest in which to get her feet wet. So... I'm knocking on doors.

    Her post is here

    I know you are busy, but you've got this week. I'm trying to get her to stall until next Monday for judging, so...

  5. Good evening Fleur,

    The contest is ending. Please stop by for a visit Haiku Monday: The Finale

  6. Dames, sheesh! Must I ask? Anyway, just stopping in to see if the hen still scratches, or summit like that. :p *wink* Yeah, nice looking dames give ol' Doom the willies, and the nerve. NERVE I say. *smile* Post something, woman!