Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daniel Henney is a (Korean-American) doll

Daniel Henney, a Korean-American model/actor from Michigan has become an Asian Sensation since the mid-2000s, despite the fact that he basically spoke no Korean.  Can you see why?  When I write my Korean drama around the ill-fated romance between  Troll and Riko, I will add a pointless sub-plot featuring Daniel Henney's character and me.  Csar, you will have a featured role as a Western journalist who gets caught up in a seemingly spicy (but actually innocent) romance with a karaoke singer.    

I had him test with Gwynnie, below, to make sure he could perform on screen.


  1. Wait. You mean the topic is Yellow Fever,* and Troll gets some and I don't? Shows where a quarter-century of friendship gets me.

    Fleur, you're so fickle.

    *lyrics from "Yellow Fever":

    Got sushi gonads,
    Gonna feed 'em to you.

  2. LOL, no's just that I am more afraid of the Csarina than I am of you. If she has any sense (which I think she does), she is the Melanie Griffith to your Antonio Banderas. (Let me know if I need to explain that to you--and read a PEOPLE magazine every now and then!) PS the Troll doesn't get any either, remember? Riko shot him down.

  3. I have no idea what the Griffith/Banderas information refers to (nor do I want to know, thanks very much), but your fears are probably well founded.

  4. Now, Csar--telling me you "don't want to know" is basically throwing down the gauntlet.

    Melanie is notoriously protective of her relationship with Antonio. In fact, while he was filming "Original Sin" back in 2001 with Angelina Jolie, Melanie accompanied him to the set every single day. Smart lady, si?

  5. Sounds more to me like she didn't have a gig of her own at the time and wanted to feast at the buffet line.

    Wasn't Melanie Griffith in that movie about a secretary who lived on Staten Island who takes over the office from the big bad boss?

    Antonio Banderas? I wouldn't know him if he walked in my door right now. For that matter, I don't think I'd be able to ID whatshername either.

    I think I'd recognize Angelina Jolie, although I don't think she's anywhere near the babe that she's given credit for being. And she's just damn insufferable besides. God, her and Bono. Bleeeahh.

  6. Antonio Banderas will one day return Moi's calls. Yes, yes he will.

    Bless you, Czar, for calling Angelina and Bono insufferable. BTW, I ever tell you about my brief encounter with Bono? Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 1982. Literally bumped into him in the beer tent. He's . . . smallish.

  7. @Moi! A brush with fame! I hope he remembers his encounter with the young, impressionable, beer-swilling Moi.

    I had the same reaction bumping into Jack Nicholson. Smallish.

  8. @Fleur: PS: I'm not sure I'd characterize the czarina's approach to me as "notoriously protective." "Hoping the wheels don't come off entirely in my lifetime" might be closer to it.

  9. Actually, I didn't know who he was. We bumped into each other, apologized, and while we waited for our beers, he said, "Hope you come hear the show." So I did, and went, "Hey, I recognize some of those songs."

    They didn't really hit it big in the states—at least my cow town portion of the states—until War was released that following spring. But I was listening to a lot of post punk (Sonic Youth, X) at that point and didn't pay much attention to them until Achtung Baby.

  10. @Moi:

    "Hey, I recognize some of those songs."

    I have a story in which these same words are featured.

    Fall 1985. I was ushering at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta in my spare time. Free way to see shows -- those I'd want to see anyway and plenty that I'd never pay to see. One of those was some guy named Sting whom I knew was popular, but I couldn't at the time tell you why. My anti-popular-music streak was in full bloom at that point.

    So, I signed up to usher for Sting, figuring I'd see what the fuss was about.

    Well, at the company I was working for at the time, two young ladies in the Meetings Department told me that they were going to see the show, and I said I'd see them there.

    The ladies thought this guy Sting was hot. So, using their Atlanta hotel connections, they found out what hotel Sting was staying at and sent a bottle of champagne up to his room. Whether phone numbers were inscribed on the card or not, I don't know. I think they just thought it was cool to send champagne to Sting's room.

    OK, so it's the night of the show. I'm there doing my ushering thing, and before the show starts, these two gals from work come up to me and -- I don't know -- start asking all kinds of officious-type questions or generally ragging on me. I forget exactly. But I just remember being so enthused and happy and incredulous that these two pulchritudinous females were coming down to the aisle to talk to me and it didn't have to do with finding their seats. At that time of my life . . . Died. Gone to heaven.

    Concert starts, and I hear "Roxanne" and quite a few other now-classics. I had no idea Sting = The Police, but then again, if you had asked me to name you one Police song at the time, I doubt I could have done it.

    So . . . "Hey, I recognize some of those songs."

    And if you've not yet figured it out, the two young ladies in the story were Fleur and the future Czarina, and the Czarina and I were probably barely becoming an item at that time. I don't keep that stuff straight anymore.

  11. PS: That was also right on the cusp of Fleur and Czar becoming Fleur and Czar. Before that we were -- I hesitate to use the term -- real people.

  12. Oh, Csar! That is so funny! I was reading your account and thought, "wow, I remember Sting and the champagne...I remembered being involved in this hijinks...but the term "pulchritudinous female" threw me off! Who, me?

    This would have been October 8/9, 1985. I'm sure Csarina was badgering and verbally poking you at that concert because she was turned on by your brilliance (and your fear!) I knew you as the quiet, cool rebel in the adorable skinny ties, who didn't blather on (like Fanstill and Grilli) but whose wisdom was dry, briefly delivered, and devestating.

    I don't know when Csar was coined...but Fleur came about later that month at someone's Halloween party when Steve blurted out of nowhere, "floor DiLeo, floor DiLeo!" Of course, that was Hicksville for "fleur."

    Oh, Csar, I love memory lane!

  13. @Fleur: Well of course, you, Fleur. You're the spitting image of one of Yankton, SD's, hottest babes, Tom Brokaw edition.

    If I were to look around long enough, I actually have the entire Pool Memo File around here somewhere, and I could ID the date I self-eponymized "the czar [of football prognostication]."

    We were children, then, Fleur. Children.

  14. Hell, Fleur. Look how ahead of the times we were. 1985. We didn't have nicknames. We had blog handles.

  15. Trying to process the image of Czar in a skinny tie a la New Wave fashion circa early '80s.

    P.S. Can't stand Sting. Although, I do have his autograph, along with the rest of the Police, somewhere.

  16. Czar's skinny ties were of the Ward Cleaver variety and era (and very cheap, when vintage clothing was cheap). Any pretensions to hipness were unintentional.