Friday, July 29, 2011

Haiku Monday: Whistle

                                              Summer's midnight lull.
                                              A distant train splits the night
                                              from peace to longing.

(image from Frederike Wetzel)


  1. Very good haiku. Re: the previous post. I know it's confuzzling but...

    Master Basho's Ghost: Very real.

    Riko: A figment of my poetic imagination. And not Korean.

  2. Lovely haiku, Fleur!

    I'd like to read that drama of yours, too. And make a bid for the part of the voice of REASON in these ill-fated love affairs. Go HOME boys and girls, and snag yourselves a nice American mate.

  3. beautiful haiku, wonderful visual, Fleur. I'd read yore novel.

  4. you are always on these kind of vague romantic haikus...they are all beautiful. and that guy below is like the korean elvis.