Friday, November 11, 2011

Haiku Monday: Adventure

Tangle-trailed dead-ends.
Primal shrieks and steamed silence.
Jungle of your heart.

Here is what the haiku monday judge (moi) said about my haiku.  It's so spectacular, I have to post it:

FLEUR: For Fleur, our resident Kate Bush of Haiku in High Heels, love is a battlefield. A stranger in an open car. A gas. An eventual pain in the ass. And boy, don't Pat Benetar and Debbie Harry wished they'd written "primal shrieks and steamed silence?" I know I do. 
Thank you, Moi!  


  1. I'm going to see if can do my next drivers' license.

  2. Great idea! They'll more than capture the expression of frustration and despair that the DMV inspires.

  3. Whar' can a body come see Fleur, the
    "fictional stand-up artiste?"

  4. Aunty, in a fictional nightclub where every audience member thinks I am hilarious, and I drink a lot of expensive champagne without getting a hangover. In this nightclub, I make a lot of money and weigh what I did in college. My boyfriend is adoring and clever--like that guy in the Fancy Feast cat food commercial where he proposes to his girlfriend by putting a note on a fluffy white kitten's collar. Did I mention this nightclub is fictional? Short answer: nowhere! But I am touched by your question, Aunty B.!

  5. Good evening Fleur,

    Attending a performance at your nightclub would be a lot of fun. If your comedy is as sharp your haiku, the audience would be rolling and laughing at every joke.

  6. Karl, thank you for that! You never know...your flattery may plant a seed!