Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haiku Monday: Expression

Geisha's winter face.
Frozen lake with life beneath
cracks under his kiss.


  1. Great sounds and rhythm, Fleur. When did geishas start painting their faces like graffiti? Or have I just never noticed?

  2. Lol, Csar, that's not graffiti: this is the Geisha Kiss club--KISS, like the band KISS. Get it? That's KISS makeup, and I have the word "kiss" in my haiku. PS Do you know who KISS is?

  3. Bwahahahaha to "Do you know who KISS is?"

    Great haiku and apropros for the theme on several levels. Your visual leaves me once again scratching my head over contemporary Japanese culture.

  4. I know who KISS is: buncha nice Jewish boys from Long Island who trotted out a tried-and-true method for scoring plenty of shiksa goddesses. Unfortunately their influence appears to be spreading to more intelligent cultures than ours.

  5. Now that I've thought about it, and seeing the visual, this haiku is rather brilliant, Fleur.