Thursday, October 25, 2012

Haiku Monday Winner: Chalk

Very sorry for the delay, my Haiku Monday friends.  Technology issues; but the $22 counterfeit Mac charger that my brother ordered for me before he headed to Tijuana for his gastric bypass surgery finally came.

I do still love HM, and I absolutely adored each and every entry this week!  Very thoughtful and varying takes on the theme.   Thank you all so much for playing.  I've said it before: it is fun to host, but very hard to judge.  I did make comments on my previous blog; so in the interest of shortening the suspense:

I am giving two awards today:

Best image: for "superman flies free" to Corey Jo.  Adorable.

Haiku Monday Winner:

a poof of chalk cloud
rises up from the line; Ha!
double fault, game match


This was a tight story and perfect chalk dust sensory overload: like when the nuns used to have you clean the blackboards and then you'd clap the erasers together. I could taste the chalky cloud.

Congrats, Chicky!    And everyone!


  1. Excellent choice of winner.
    Congratulations Chickory.

  2. Congrats Chickory, a well deserved win.

    Great hosting, and excellent choice for a winner Fleur.
    Thanks for the visual Award!! I only wish it were one of my own photos.


  3. btw have you heard what the theme is for this week

  4. Wow weeeee had Becca not stopped by the chick pen I wouldn't have known I won. Thank you Fleur, and thanks for hosting. The theme for this week is.....what else. Las Vegas. See you Monday...and nice none, Czar.