Monday, July 22, 2013

Haiku Monday: Bayou

Forbidden embrace.
New Moon floods the fertile pool;
swollen flesh rises.


  1. Steaming hawt, fleur! I do like this a Lot.

  2. Ya' know, Fleur, you really are a master of conflicting emotions within the same poem.

    There's the obvious pseudo romantic/sexual frenzy fornicating about as the full moon blossoms on the dark of the bay. But there's also a loathing as to what exactly IT is that's rising as it writhes, swollen from the fertile pool below.

    Dark, sexual & hot... you're give'n me GOOSIES!



  3. Fleur,

    You have been gone way too long. I am hosting Haiku Monday this week. Surely you have a survival story you can tell???

    Come play.

  4. Fleur is the pearl that quickens man's heart
    Pulsing with vigor, want to be part
    Yet liquid in motion, slip'ry when wet
    If she'll be caught is anyone's bet: D

    Come 'Ku me a river, Fleur, sinuous of line...