Thursday, July 18, 2013

Haiku Monday Winner: Road

Well, HM friends, we had another round of excellent and diverse entries.  And then a few bonus psychic connections with Foam and Aunty's banged up feet--even though, much like Kate Moss--Aunty used a body double for her visuals--and then Karl and Csar both "On The Road to Haiku Monday": what a spectacle that would make!

Before announcing the winner, here are winners in a few other categories:

  • Best phrase: "Kerouac's Ribbon" -the Csar.  Clever, visual and melifluous.
  • Favorite phrase with one extra syllable: "Blowing in the wind tumbleweed" - cinematic, and appealed to my inner prairie romantic.  (Miss Becca, 8 syllables?)

  • Best visual and haiku match: Doom, as below.
don't leave the way, don't
what is off the path consumes
never expedition

    Most elegant and epic:  Serendipity

    Human burden beasts.
    Ancient toil, exotic trade.
    Summer tea leaf road.
    I like this, too, because drinking tea is very leisurely--while obtaining it, clearly, is not.  (Isn't that ironic...don't cha think?)
    And the winner, which melted my heart (to match everything else that the current NE heat wave has melted up in my 5th floor mantrap):  RAFA
    Heat waves warp the road
    Puddles form where reason lies
    No relief in sight
    What a visual!
    Congratulations, Rafa!
    And thank you all for playing this week!    


  1. Oh LORD, Fleur! ! I came by to tease you for not posting a WINNER, and after I hit publish what do my silly eyes see???? ME!!!

    HaHa! I can't believe IT! There were so many good ones, I almost need to pinch myself! (YUMMY:D)

    You really are too sweet! Congrats to all, for ever'one truly threw done some daw gawn good'ens!

    I'll post something tomorrow, I reckon...



    1. There were a lot of good entries! I loved reading them. Yours just hit me right...Haiku Monday is one wild ride!

  2. Terrific! Congrats to Rafa, well earned, a spectacular visual.

    Fleur, ya done a grand job wif' this theme, an' hosting' duties. Take a bow!

    1. Thank you, Aunty! It was fun and challenging--as always! I hope your dogs ain't still barking too badly.

  3. Can't fault your choice Fleur. Rafa truly nailed it on the visual, but also paired the 'ku perfectly. Congrats Rafa! It is always interesting to see what you will throw down to challenge us.

    And thanks for the nod Fleur. Somehow the tea road loomed large with the word, and I always like to spread obscure knowledge.


    1. Well, that's Rafa...he's all about the heat!

      The tea tree road really captured a place and time for me. You do that so well.

  4. Congrats Raf. Not like I didn't see that coming or anything. Should be interesting to see what you pick for a theme.

    Thanks for the show, Fleurdeleo!

  5. Absolutely! I agree. Congrats to Rafa and thank you for a wonderful job hosting, fleur. I loved the road theme and am looking forward to what Rafa comes up with.

  6. WHOO HOOO! Congrats Rafa! The 'ku and visual were spot on!
    Especially since i'm looking at another scorcher today! GAH!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Fleur, a fantastic theme and a fantastic job of hosting/choosing!

    Congrats to all and have a fabulous week/weekend! :D

  7. Good stuff, Rafa and Fleur. And you know you would kill as Dorothy Lamour.

    1. Who? Rafa or me? (I am guessing you left that purposely ambiguous!)

  8. Thanks, ever'body!!! Sorry for the delay...jury duty combined with work has turned my schedule upside down and all around.

    Theme is bayou and post is up!

    Hope y'all come to play.


  9. Good morning Fleur,

    Thanks for hosting this week. You were the vehicle for many fine road trips this week. Take hart tomorrows weather will be cooler in your neck of the woods.

    Congratulations Rafael! Well earned.

    1. It was my pleasure! And I hope you're right and it does cool down soon.