Monday, June 13, 2011

Bachelorette dish, anyone?

Watching The Bachelorette has been like eating an economy-size bag of Twizzlers: making me sick...and yet...I keep eating.  

How many times can you listen to people use the words "awesome", "amazing",  and "may be 'the one'"?

So, I googled "Bachelorette spoilers".  Now, I KNOW who wins!  I don't have to watch it any more.  

The End

Ashley the Bachelorette ponders whether it's better to be called "awesome" by an "amazing" guy, or whether it's better to be called "amazing" by an "awesome" guy.


  1. Dim BINT, is all I can say.

    Also: I have declared Haiku Winner.

  2. I work for a publisher that forbids the use of such words as "awesome," "amazing," "perfect," "great," and so on. (Moi would likely be amazed at which "publisher" this is.) As every good writer knows, the trick is to describe what creates these qualities rather than using such empty terms, which mean something different to everyone.

    For example, for a while I thought Keira Knightley was awesome/perfect/amazing. Moi quickly disabused me of that notion, as did another friend who said he thought she was one of the missing Culkin brothers. Well, and then I heard she smokes: czar's besa d'morte.

    I've never seen a second of this or any similar show, but what might be more frightening are the descriptions of awesome/perfect/amazing. What would those be for someone who appears on such a broadcast?

    What the hell is a BINT, by the way?

  3. It's hard to say what qualities specifically inspire the compliments "awesome" and "amazing" because they're used so promiscuously. I am going to to throw out a blanket translation: when someone says "he/she is amazing/awesome" on a show like this, or before knowing someone for more than a couple of dates, that individual means, "this person meets a superficial checklist of basic good qualities plus maybe one extra thing, and this person would make me look and feel great if he or she liked me."

    This is different from describing someone you really know as "amazing" because they are unique and deserve to be held above the rest because
    of special qualities and/or achievements.

    But I digress. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows are about finding TRUE LOVE on TV. What do I know?

    Poor Keira! She does make a good first impression....Csar, I see your dream dame as a cross between Natalie Portman and Helen Mirren.

  4. I use awesome quite a bit. But never in my "paid" writing :o)

    Several years ago, I did some research for a psych grad at UNM studying people who are child free (as opposed to childless, which implies people who don't have children but not necessarily by choice). In doing so, I came across several online communities devoted entirely to the child free lifestyle, some of them quite nastily anti child and parent.

    BINT is one of those acronyms, and means Breeder in Training, i.e. a woman who is mindlessly focused on getting married and pregnant, regardless of whether or not she is ready, willing, and/or able. And once she gets what she wants, does nothing but bitch about it.