Friday, June 10, 2011

For Anyone Who Has Wanted to Bitchslap a Fellow Movie Goer

don't have a lot of pet peeves; in fact, I think that I am much more tolerant than the average person.  Here are some things I hate, not necessarily in order of how seethe-inspiring the peeve is.


  1. Good afternoon Fleur,

    Why should you have to be tolerant of rudeness. This self important obsession people have with their cell phones doesn't make their behavior acceptable. Personally I would be happy to see people using their phone in the theater or at a table in a restaurant for that matter, not only kicked out. but their phone confiscated and smashed with a sledgehammer right before their eyes. I guess I'm not tolerant either.

    On that note, I will wish you a happy weekend!

  2. Fleur, my darling fascist.

    As you know, I grew up in your chosen hometown, seeing signs reading "Curb Your Dog." I always wondered what the hell that actually meant. I mean, I knew the intent -- I think -- but what was the denotation? Actually I was wondering that a few days ago. Your posting caused me to go to the dictionary. In editorial freelancer's parlance, this is known as "avoiding work."

    Dictionary sez, "to lead (a dog) to a suitable place (as a gutter) for defecation."

    Now, I'm not sure how far away from Fleur's eyes one would have to lead a dog so that Fleur didn't have to look, but -- unlike Broadway -- it's not like you've dropped $100 and have to stay for the show.

    Cigarettes? You can take the most beautiful woman in the world and put a cigarette in her mouth and, for me, she turns into an ugly old hag. People who throw their butts anywhere but a receptacle should be forced to eat them.

    The older I get, the more I'm of the Glen Miner school. Restaurants are for glaring at nonspeedy waitrons; entertainment venues are for telling people to shut the hell up, unless the people are under age 8, in which case they get glares that hopefully will give them nightmares for some time to come.

    We need more of Fleur's ruminations on modern society. MORE!

  3. Csar, that's all the encouragement I need from you to let out my inner Andy Rooney! This blogging thing is very therapeutic.

    And Karl, you know I'm with you on removing cell phone users from restaurants.

  4. You know what I hate? People who don't return their shopping carts but leave them in the empty parking space next to them. This is especially maddening on windy days. Also: people who park "in through the outdoor" in slanted parking spots. I now have little business cards printed up that I stick on these folks' windshields informing them that they dumb asses par excellence.