Friday, June 17, 2011

Haiku Monday: Memory

It is said that the memory of an eyewitness is generally unreliable.  Yet, some people's memories are more real to them than their everyday lives.

This week's Haiku Monday theme is "Memory."

Please submit your 5-7-5 Haiku in the comments section of this post.  Multiple entries are welcomed. Visuals won't be considered, but are always fun to see on your blog.

Please submit by midnight this coming Monday.  Winner will be announced Wednesday.  I will be attending a conference, so most likely will review and write up while cleaning out the mini-bar.

Good luck!


  1. Good evening Fleur,

    When was that again?
    Sometimes I seem to forget.
    Oh, midnight Monday.

    Mini bar Monday.
    Expense account beverages.
    What contest was that?

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Drunk judging! Cool!

    Very awesome topic. I will do everything in my power to craft a perfectly amazing entry.

  3. Great theme!

    @ Karl: youse a stitch. Ain't no reason fer us'uns to enter now--them's winners.

  4. Oh, Karl! You are quick!

    I look forward to all the masterpieces! Glad you like the theme.

  5. LOL @ Karl :-)
    Advise you not be memory-less when under.

  6. Better post these before I forget.

    Even better than
    The memories I have? Scenes
    I’ve misremembered.

    * * *

    Childhood: Big swaths gone.
    Void protects from sights and sounds
    That left scars, somewhere.

  7. Genetic Memory

    Sleeping dog shudders.
    Relax. That dream-beast you fear?
    Long ago extinct.

  8. Ding-a-Ling Moi

    Morning’s frantic search:
    Keys? Lipstick? Sunglasses? D’oh!
    In hand and on head.

  9. I explain mine at the Troll Stroll in case it was too Czarish. Grrherhahahahhahaa.

    Actually, Czar's were very clear this week.

  10. Troll:

    I will happily add "inscrutable" to my resume. It's much more publishable than other things I've been called.

  11. Hi FLEUR! I have a couple so far and may have more later today. Best I can do for now:

    My life has many
    things better left forgotten.
    Move forward not back.

    New baby comes soon;
    memories in the making!
    grammy's sweet grandboy.

  12. One more:

    Song goes, “I Forgot
    To Remember to Forget.”
    That right? I forget.

  13. Wish I could forget;
    Without memory, no pain.
    Leave the past behind.

    The tip of the tongue;
    Forgot what I was saying.
    Fragile memory.

  14. Oh, it's heating up...nice job! And there is lots of time for more entries!

  15. An old glamour cat,
    Nostalgic Grizabella
    Remembers her past.

  16. Good evening Fleur,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!

    If I may, I'd like to throw a few more into the pot.

    Such hard lessons learned.
    Those who fail to remember.
    Are destined to repeat.

    As the time goes by,
    Presbyopia and memory loss.
    Help for long marriage.

    For Fishy:

    The deeper dive, the faster.
    Objectives achieved?
    First stop, what was missed?

    @ Pam and Kym: I like your first ones. Mother and daughter thinking like?

  17. Edit please

    As the time goes by
    Presbyopia and memory loss
    Successful marriage

  18. @ Karl .... :-0

    Thirteen and fifteen
    best friend, fist kiss, first heartbreak
    who could forget that?

    Selective memory:
    I promised you what?
    No way! I would remember!
    Seriously. No.

    Robinson's mother
    has no memory of her son.
    But she pats his hand.

    Maggie on the stoop
    Unaware of memories
    ordained unto her.

  19. Great job, everyone! I ran out of steam for haiku-ing after getting another vacation post up. But my dad actually commented on it - and helped me remember a day from our family trip 41 years ago that inspired this one. Happy haiku Monday!

  20. these are smashin'!

    Sorry to be observer this round, Flerudeleo--long busy day jes' arrived home--late too late.

    Great Haiku's ever'body!!

  21. Some really good ones here. Favorites include Troll's and Fishy's, "Seriously. No." Bwahahahahaha!

    Thanks for hosting, Fleur!

  22. kind of a fan of troll's myself. and karl's #2.

  23. Boy, tough collection! Great job!

  24. Judge is Fleur. Posting winner on Wednesday, when she's either sufficiently hammered or hung over -- hard to tell.