Friday, August 5, 2011

Haiku Monday: Glossing Over It

When I was 11, someone gave my parents a Flip Wilson doll.  Anyone remember Flip Wilson or his doll?  One side of the doll was Flip Wilson as a regular guy, and the other side was his alter ego, sassy-talkin' Geraldine.  When you pulled the string, you got Geraldine's let-it-all-hangout -pronouncement "What you see is what you get!"

This week's haiku Monday theme is VENEER.

Please submit your 5-7-5 haiku here by midnight Monday.  Visuals are delightful, but not counted.  If you submit more than one, please indicate your entry.

Good luck!


  1. I recall. "The Devil Made Me Do It."

    fertile theme---heh

  2. Yes, thats it! The doll said that, too!

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  4. Starred in Pippin, right?
    Seventies’ song-and-dance man?
    Ah, dyslexia.

  5. Csar...I am speechless at the complexity of your haiku! Vereen for Veneer.

    A w e s o m e.

  6. Review Revised

    Peeling back the mask.
    Standing athwart history
    yelling Stop. And LOOK!

  7. Fugitive pigments
    suspended in glaze; Vermeer,
    Master of surface

  8. @Fleur: Thanks for the laugh. It's post-Rumpus Monday. Laughs are hard to come by.

  9. Oooooo, Czar and Chickory are in it to win it!

    I'm up:

    Miss Represent

    California girls?
    Not even their hair is real.
    Surface is substance.

  10. nice title, Moi. and you gotta nod to season cause its always summer in cali

  11. Old brick buildings sit
    on a weathered old main street;
    past prosperity

    (P.S. Love LOVE the FLip Wilson doll. I remember that show very well.)

  12. Oh, very good! It's heating up!

    @Csar: as I said on Facebook after reading a collection of Rumpus "nuggets" from Steve, Skippy, and Tin: The Rumpus is like a Taylor Swift concert; to appreciate it fully, you have to be there. And then you thank God that you weren't.

    Disclaimer: I like Taylor Swift, but I couldn't take all those pre-tweens.

  13. Yikes! fergit it.

    These be too good an' impossible to top.

    I think a narrow theme expands the creativity--gives structure to the mind.

  14. Evening Fleur,

    Valiant flight cut short
    Iran's gift steals night cover
    Oden welcomes

  15. Dr. Orifice

    Two thousand per tooth!
    That first impression greeting?
    Pricey. Not priceless.