Saturday, October 15, 2011

My New Part Time Job

I am into 4 days of a 7-day training program that will prepare me to tutor high-level business people with their English skills.

Here is what I hope my first client will look like:


  1. Fleur! They want you tutoring English, not French. Keep your mind on the job!

    Congratulations on the new gig. If they are truly high-level businesspeople, this could lead all kinds of interesting places. Like neat parties. We want reports.

  2. Oh, Csar, you're funny! But you are right--I could make some connections, and will jet you and the Csarina over to any soirees that promise to dazzle. And speaking of long trips, I am interviewing today in Pearl River, NY. What's your opinion on a 2 hour door to door commute? I'm not too keen, but these people want to meet with me.

  3. Depends on the doors.
    And the money.
    And I hope you like sleeping on or in whatever you're commuting on or in.

    Personally I'd have no problem with a two-hour commute. But eventually I'd consider a move.