Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Wrong With Harriet Nelson? And Go Occupy Your OWN Street!

My friend Victoria asked me if I'd seen any Occupy Wall Street protesters searching out tycoon residences on the Upper East Side today. I told her no--thankfully. Though I admire sincere protest, I feel about many of the Occupy Wall Street crowd the way I feel about grafitti: it's cluttering up the landscape and appeals to the criminal element. She said I sounded like Harriet Nelson! I don't think she was flattering me, either.


  1. I have paid absolutely no attention to the OWS thing, but I have no doubt that if my offspring were within 50 miles of any action that would enable them to toss a brick through a worthy window, they'd both do it. Itching for some action, the lads are.

    Fleur, there are probably some young, healthy, idealistic he-types among the OWS crowd. Viva la revolucion!

  2. Oh, Csar...it's likely that idealistic and brawny types would have dirty feet and may have been sleeping/having revolution and Red Bull-fueled sex on old sleeping bags. Truth be told, I'd rather bestow my Fleurish favors on a tortured Wall Streeter who despises himself for working for the Enemy, but has money for drycleaned shirts and food that is not donated.

    So, you're saying that your sons take after their mom?? LOL

  3. Just a moment now.

    The most I've ever been is an unindicted coconspirator on a terrorism charge, back in the late '70s . . . before terrorism was the fear du jour. Ever on the cutting edge.

    The czarina is definitely the political firebrand in the house these days. The less I know the better.