Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haiku Monday Friends: The Shame

Back in 1975, I spent 3 months as a freshman at St. Mary's High School in Manhasset, NY.  My course load track was called "Latin/Biology" which was the hardest track you could take.  It included 4 classes of French every week with one hour for study the other day.

I was a good student and studied for my mid-term French exam diligently--two nights before the test, in fact, and skipped the night-before cramming.

I went to the study period and came home to my mother asking me why I skipped my French exam; and then she informed me that the nun was COMING TO OUR HOUSE to discuss this situation.

All I could tell them that evening as my French teacher perched on our Danish modern couch was that I honestly forgot about the exam. (All was well when I got a 96 on the make-up exam.)

A few years ago, I went to the ATM in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Atlanta and withdrew $100 from my account.  It wasn't till I got to the Marta station that I realized I had taken the receipt, but not the cash.  (All was well when I went back to the Hyatt and the money was still in the tray of the ATM.)

All I can say is that when I remembered that tomorrow is Monday, I realized I had forgotten about my Haiku Monday entrants on the topic of Tightrope.

I am so sorry, Haiku Monday friends!  I will read your entries and be back with you shortly.

Thank God the Csar doesn't live close enough to pay me an indignant personal visit.


  1. no problem we will await your judgement

  2. You actually lived the nigtmare we have all had?!! A group of us were laughing just recently about the "college nightmare" of either missing an exam, not being able to find a class, and other related things that, though loug out of school, we all still have occasionally. LOL. At least you didn't blame it on "the dog ate it". We'll await your decision, and I am sure no one will mind if the winner extends the submittal deadline a little...

    (heh, heh, heh...Fleur is only human...)

  3. You know Fleur ... this is a game not a final!
    Sure hope you are not stressing over this.

    In the beginning of this game we never posted the subject until Monday to tighten up the field. It worked great. Maybe you are the chosen one for leading us back to the higher standard.

    1. Gets my vote. Fleur: The Chosen One.

      I just figured this delay was a bit of Fleurish performance art . . . give her enough tightrope, watch her walk it, and then she hangs herself.

      Sorry for the mixed metaphors. I'm all for a return to the Haiku Monday I never knew, kind of like this country yearns for the past it never had.

  4. Let's see. I was going to a Dr's appointment the other day. I forgot where I was going. Called my son and asked him what was on the calender and he told me where I was going. I got lost in a very small town I've lived in my whole life. Ended up in a sports shop buying glue for the feathers on my arrows. I find it a mockery of a sham of a travesty that you would... uh... uh... Any way the glue gave me a headache. It's time for my nap now.