Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 7 Haiku Monday: Tightrope

   Happy New Year, Haiku friends!

Our theme is "Tightrope."

5 lines, 7 lines, 5 lines
Seasonal reference and cutting word will provide an edge for the entrants
Visuals encouraged
Post in the comments section below
Submit as many as you like; indicate two for judging
Deadline: Before sunrise NYC Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 8. 

Good luck to all!


  1. got to get back to my haiku roots this week

    1. Yes, missy, please do! I always look forward to your entries.

  2. I love the photo, Fleur. Thinkin'....


    1. Thanks, Sdpty! I thought it was irresistible.

  3. Congratulations Fluer!

    It really is easier hanging under the rope. Particularly when you don't have those huge fingertips. Of course having fingertips that size, would take groping to an entirely new level;-)

    Back tomorrow.

    1. I can see the advantages--even as a recipient--but I wouldn't want those fingers close to my movie-theatre popcorn!

  4. My shoulder hurts too bad to host, so this is for fun.

    Walking to my death,
    the cold rain falls on my dreams.
    Too close for comfort!

    1. Wow, Grins! Like most tortured artists, pain spurs you on to greatness in your medium!

      But, for your comfort's sake, I hope you get some relief. Thank you for contributing.

  5. my entries

    I push and you pull
    Tempers flare igniting sparks
    barely holding on

    invisible lines
    beauty etched in the cold ice
    one word you fall prey

    1. Both of these are very nice. I particularly like the stillness and tentativeness of the second one; that fits the idea of a tightrope. And I also like the image of falling--obviously the peril that a tightrope holds--but through ice is another layer of treachery.

  6. Hello!
    Happy New Year and congratulations!
    (You must have won to be hosting.)
    I lost track of the game for a while
    but am delighted to have found you this week :-)

    Usually birds
    Snatch away my victory
    WiiFit free fall champ!

    (if you have never played the WiiFit game of walking a tight rope between high rises this will make absolutely no sense to you)

    Cocktail party chat
    strains my equilibrium
    Social tightrope nerd

    1. Hi, Fishy!

      I have played the Wii Dance stuff with my niece. And it's kind of maddening as at 10, she always wins. I feel your pain on this one. But a game where you actually walk a virtual tightrope? Are there birds swooping around you a la THE BIRDS? Your second one is very clever; "social tightrope nerd" just sounds humorous and communicates a very specific feeling beautifully!

  7. "Collections . . . pay now."
    "Please be nice to me--although
    I want to kill you."

    1. Lol, Csar--this entry would best be showcased at the Knitting Factory where each line is read by the classic trio of Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken in the upcoming film "Stand Up Guys." What your entry lacks in traditional haiku serenity, it makes up in commitment and social relevance.

  8. Good evening Fleur,

    Here are my two:

    November six two
    Nike Hercules missile
    Last atmosphere test

    Two opposing views
    Little room for compromise
    "Walking a tight rope"

    Grins: Nice to hear from you. I have the contents of a small hardware store in one of my shoulders, I empathize with you. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Fishy: Good to see you back.

    1. Hello, Karl!

      Very nicely done. That second one is one of the most succinct summation of our country's current state. Maybe if our bills were written so sparely and elegantly, our politicians would actually read them (and pass the good ones accordingly, of course!)

  9. Hi Fleur,

    I am in with at least one.

    A climber’s tightrope;
    Knife-edge ridge, born from glaciers.
    Misstep can mean death!

    Visual at my place.

    Happy New Year everyone. Nice to seem some players back. Curm, my shoulder winces in sympathy! Miss Fishy, hope it was a nice holiday.

    1. Excellent visual and not a wasted word. More comments on your blog.

  10. High-school dope dealer
    Now NYC cop. Slight breeze--
    And pensions?--steers fate.

    1. Oh, Csar, you are gritty this week! Is this, by any chance, about someone you know?

      Very cinematic entry; tells a whole life story of a person walking a fine line.

  11. I've been doing some therapy I found on youtube. My shoulder is verrrry slowly getting better. I refuse to let them operate and jack up like they did on my knees. Thanks for your empathy and concern.

    1. I love how you can find really helpful things on you tube; I found the perfect red lipstick (Hourglass Diva, sold only at Sephora) as well as my new video life coach Robin Sharma. He advocates achieving peak performance with a 5am wake-up time. At the rate I'm going this week, I'd scrap "peak performance" for merely "non-remedial." Feel better!