Monday, January 14, 2013

Haiku Monday Winner: Tightrope

Hi, everyone.

After some deliberation on all the diverse and excellent entries, I must crown the winner below; spare, stark and thrilling:

A climber’s tightrope;
Knife-edge ridge, born from glaciers.
Misstep can mean death!
Congratulations, Serendipity!

Honorable mention to Becca for:

invisible lines
beauty etched in the cold ice
one word you fall prey

Thanks, friends!


  1. aw thanks and congrats to serendipity

  2. Well, now. There is a surprise. Thanks Fleur! I guess that must have been a scary enough tightrope.

    It is sundown on Monday and I need to get my act together to host.

    Here is what I propose to do. We will give this Monday a pass since it is pretty late in the day to expect a lot of inspiration, oe even much response.

    I'll go back to the schedule we were using a while ago. By Friday this week I'll post a theme and visit y'all to let you know the theme is up, who is hosting, and what time the desdline is. It WILL be MONDAY next week so everybody else can get organized.

    During my hosting session, we can discuss having Haiku Monday happen only on Monday as it started, or having Haiku Monday being the deadline, but with a theme posted a little earlier to give those who need a little time the weekend to think.

    How does that strike everyone?

    1. HI Serendipity,
      congratulations on your win.
      More importantly, congratulations on avoiding those mis steps!

      However we get organized is fine with me. If memory serves, when Troll began this game, the format was standardized to the subject being posted Sunday evening with all entries posted by midnight PST on Monday. I think the timelines first changed when we had a group of international players. I think those players have long since left the game .

  3. Good evening Fleur,

    Well, the right up was kind of brief. However your feed story was a hoot. Thank you for hosting.

    Congratulations serendipity on your win and to Becca for her honorable mention.

    In my recollection Fishy is correct. It seems though that posting the topic on Friday with all entries to be in by midnight Monday would be easiest on all of us.

  4. OK, it's Friday.

    Haiku Monday challenge this week is at Serendipity’s -

    The theme is SPEED. The deadline is Jan 21 at midnight PST.

    Please come play.