Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haiku Monday: Pacific

                                 Golden Mountain

                                Land of Golden Dreams
                                lures with shimmer and betrays.
                                Mirage, far from home.

Hawaiian Honeymoon

palm fronds and flowers
blushing limbs and sea spray tang
lava covers us

Cedar Closet

Mohair sweater hangs.
A bittersweet memento
of Sausalito.


  1. Each one makes me want to break my pencil and go home.

  2. Oh, Csar! That is too much, really. But thank you!

  3. Yes i've just snapped my pencil too! Nice work!

  4. you are just so good at this. like I said on my page, you combine beauty and melancholy -or is it wistfulness or what? I dont know, its the yin yang of emotion in a spare 3 lines.

  5. Well, thank you, Princess and Chickie. It is lovely to have my haiku appreciated. I guess I feel that meloncholy is natural to the human condition every now and then so people can relate.