Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haiku Monday: Winner, VENEER

I know I always say this, but what a tough crowd!  Very hard to judge this week; you showed great diversity on this theme.

I've read them through many times, including aloud.

We have Moi's:

Miss Represent

California girls?
Not even their hair is real.
Surface is substance.

Witty, and true!  Same with Fishy's:

Dr. Orifice

Two thousand per tooth!
That first impression greeting?
Pricey. Not priceless.

Funny?  Yes...and depressing, as the truth often is.

Troll, you are the master of the action haiku, and your visual really matched.  Excellent punctuation and capitalization, too. 

Review Revised

Peeling back the mask.
Standing athwart history
yelling Stop. And LOOK!

Karl, Karl, Karl: (to steal from the Csar's holding pattern):

I am your number one fan, and this entry sounds beautiful.
But am I wrong in mentioning that neither the first nor last line has the proper number of syllables?  (I mean, I think "valiant" has 3 syllables?)

Valiant flight cut short
Iran's gift steals night cover
Oden welcomes

I particularly liked Pam's subject.  It made me think of old buildings that are forever reconstituted, fall into disrepair, and are built back up.  Having just been to the Tenement Museum where you can see the many layers of wallpaper on top of each other from 1865-1933, I really related to it. 

Old brick buildings sit
on a weathered old main street;
past prosperity

I couldn't contain my initial appreciation for the Csar's haiku below:

Starred in Pippin, right?
Seventies’ song-and-dance man?
Ah, dyslexia.

This was just great.  Whatever you drank/ate/inhaled at the Rumpus, keep it up.

Chickory contributed the following:

Fugitive pigments
suspended in glaze; Vermeer,
Master of surface

This haiku was elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and sounded lovely read aloud.  "Fugitive pigments suspended in glaze" is one of the best descriptions I have ever read.

Chickory, you are the winner!  You will receive your very own CD of Fleur's handpicked lovesongs.

Congratulations!  Thanks everyone.  I was honored to host.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more!
    Interesting subject and sound judgement.
    Congratulations Chickory.

  2. thank you! that is a prize i actually want. I read your song list back when you were on the dreaded wordpress and thought - i love all these - so many i had forgotten about. so...YAY. thank you. tell me how to contact you and I will send an address.

  3. Bravissima to the host and particularly the winner. As Fishy said, I couldn't agree more with the outcome.

  4. Ya know what, Fleur? It WUZ a hard call this week. Too many winners.

    Yea Chick9! Congratulations!!!!

  5. I had Chick and Czar neck and neck. Congrats, Chickory, you lucky ducky song-winning scribe!

    Thanks for hosting, Fleur, and for your pithy and spot on write up, too.

  6. Congrats Chickory. I didn't see Pam's until now. I'm putting it in the book.

    Good recap, Fleur!

  7. Good evening Fleur,

    Congratulations Chickory!

    Fleur, a fine right up and you made the right choice. My dictionary and 2 syllable counters has Valiant at 2 syllables. The last line entered into the syllable counters, split 1 at 4 and 1 at 5. So I ran with it. Win, loose or draw, it's nice to know your a fan. Thanks.

  8. Congrats Chickie, well deserved. What a turn of phrase. And so personal to Chickie. Where is the song list? I want to read it! Thanks for hosting!