Saturday, December 17, 2011

Haiku Monday: Spin

You spin me right round, baby!

The December 19 Haiku Monday Theme is "Spin."

Please post all entries here.

Enter as many haiku as you like, but indicate which two you want judged. Visuals will be taken into consideration, so if you post visuals at your site, indicate that, too. The usual  5-7-5 format applies. Kireji and kigo are preferred elements, though it's possible to win without them if your entry knocks my tabi off.
Good luck!  I cannot wait to read your entries!


  1. Like one half a moth

    the autumn maple seed falls

    while spinning the world

  2. "as does the use of kireji and kigo"

    Like, for real? Or do we just say that it counts, but it doesn't really?

  3. Aw, look at Curmee, up and at 'em so early and with such a pretty haiku, too.

    I'll be back when my eyes and brain aren't throbbing (can't. look. at. visuals.) with something spinning.

  4. Curm: that is wonderful!

    Anon: to be a true Haiku, the poem is supposed to contain those elements. Part of the challenge for the writer is to strive to write a true Haiku. That said, I have changed the instructions to reflect reality. Thanks for keeping me honest!

  5. Moi, I look forward to your entry!

  6. I'm UP with enticing visuals!

    Dance Like A Virgin

    Shake silicon ass.
    One-Eighty. Grab Crotch. Lip-Synch.
    Superbowl Barf-Fest.

  7. Troll:

    I always admired Madonna's drive and liked most of her music myself, and thought she was quite striking/ sometimes even pretty. (Ladies don't rank other ladies on a scale from 1-10.) Do not care at all for her arms, and am sorry to see her succomb to plastic surgery--but that's life in a youth-oriented industry.

    Your haiku communicates an excellent, descriptive feeling of contempt. Well done!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Up with visuals.

    Faster and faster
    'Til enlightenment springs forth:
    Whirl, dervishes, whirl.

    Wintertime Jewtop
    Reminds: "They tried to kill us,
    We won. Now let's eat."

  10. My head is spinning
    from Republican debates.
    I'm begging -- please stop!

  11. Snip and spin. Hair flies.

    Bay rum smells like Christmas day.

    My eyebrow's missing!

  12. Csar: two graceful and spirited entries! Excellent visuals. Well done!

    Curm: you are on fire today! Very good visuals!

  13. Looks to me like Curm has a lock on this. Nice job Curm!

    An entry from me, with visuals up at


    Seahorse spins on branch.
    Boxer’s sparkle tree inspires.
    Felt imitates life.


  14. Ms. Kane: niiiiiice job! Timely and funny--not easy to do. I tried to comment on your blog, but wasn't sure where to go...though I did find the limerick-off which I plan to participate in!

  15. Serendippy: loved this! and "felt imitates life is fabulous!

  16. @Fleur:

    My apologies. Please throw an exclamation point at the end of my first one.

    Thank you.

  17. Here is Csar's repunctuated version:

    Faster and faster
    'Til enlightenment springs forth:
    Whirl, dervishes, whirl!

  18. Spin!! I been spinnin, alright--see Front Porch.

    Hope to git back afore midnight wif' a dizzying Haiku--it's full court press kinda day. Good luck ever'body!!

    @ Czar
    hmmm..did yore dervishes spring to mind after that exchange on Back Porch about Gurdjieff? He were a master dervish. Very fine Haiku, Czar.

  19. Good morning Fleur,

    Thank you for hosting. Three, I hope you enjoy.

    Graceful Pirouette
    Clara's Christmas present

    Given in a dream.

    Rolling out the door.
    Gyroscopic flight begins

    Straighten up, fly right!

    CNN on left,
    Fox on right. Nonetheless spin.
    We're getting screwed.

  20. Hello and happy Monday! Visuals are up:

    Round and round, tired hound
    Nesting on flannel and pile
    Winter's nap well earned

  21. I'm uppity up, up, up:

    My '80s romance:
    Sequins, sweat, and Rush. Baby,
    you spun me right round.

  22. Entry #2

    Heart Like a Reel:

    Reel sings as it spins.
    Trout streaks away; my heart leaps!
    Cold life comes to land.

    Visual up @


  23. Thanks for hosting, Fleur.

    it's all in how you
    see it, feel it, believe it.
    that's your spin on it.

    flattened against the
    wall, lights streaking overhead.
    ride life's tilt-a-whirl.

    Visuals are up!

  24. Swing the statue game,
    laughing Fishy spinning 'round.
    Snap! Goodbye elbow.

    Ballet recital.
    Itchy tulle and bad rhythm.
    Yep. We all spun down.

    Hula hooping queen!
    Up, down, all around spinner
    winner! WiiFit Fool.

  25. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Learning to ice skate
    "Crack the Whip?" they invited.
    Puke on ice special.

  26. Using Curmudgeon's maple seed image

    Demeter's revenge
    Sun gone south, maple seeds whirl
    like harpies in rut.

    Spinning? I'm a spinner

    white wool twines to yarn.
    The thread binds generations
    of women who spin.

  27. Fleur:

    A flowery haiku for a flowery kinda gal:

    A whimsical game
    Petals twirl through whispered hope
    Love me, love me not

    visuals are up at:

    May your clouds be lined with perfume,
    Your stormy weather washed with scented soap
    Your tears a tasty spritzer of honey, dew & LOVE


  28. There are many spins
    Fleur will be in a full whirl
    Just to untwist them.

    Thanks for hosting, Fleur.


  29. Oh, you haiku elves have been busy busy!! I have to catch my breath--a truly stimulating collection of entries and visual. This is not going to be easy!

  30. I adore hosting--but I always forget the part where I have to judge in addition to marveling at the talent.

  31. Karl: Creative and varied subjects--especially skydiving! Visuals are excellent. But doll--check your syllables on #1 and #3 and let me know which you'd like judged. Details, details, I know!

    Scout: Beautiful entry and nice rhyme with hound and round. Your visual made me drowsy in a good way like when you watch someone pet a kitten. Lucky dog!

    Ms. Moi! You tapped right in to my '80s sensibility--and that mirrorball couture! Fantastic visual, excellent haiku.

    SerenD: "heart like a reel" is classic. Would you believe that I didn't "get" that you were refering to a fishing reel until I saw the visual? And I never thought I'd say this, but the fish was kind of attractive. (For a fish).

  32. Jean: you've tapped into my philosophy with that first haiku; and I love the visual and the phrase "life's tilt-a-whirl" in the second one. Excellent!

    Fishy: your haiku on childhood are second to none! It's so nice to see that your spot-on takes continue to the present with "WiiFit Fool." Wonderful! Also, Miss Fish, tell me which two you'd like entered and be warned that I am not likely to award the BOGH to any haiku with the word "puke" in it!

    Roxie: you have a couple of phrases that I particularly like: "maple seeds whirl" and "white wool twines to yarn." I used to love stories where people used a spinning wheel. (I was never sure exactly how this worked, but it seemed like a better task than churning butter.) Well done!

  33. Well, Rafa: you certainly know your audience when it comes to tailoring your haiku--you know I'm a sucker for flowers and wistful romance--or lack thereof! Excellent visual, too!

    A u n t y B e l l e...where are you? Who else is missing? Please indicate which entries you want judged if you submitted more than two! Thank you!

  34. Geeze,
    a woman with the avatar of Fleur doesn't find the word 'puke' poetic? Was there some clue I missed?
    I do not envy you the judging duties! Quite a wonderful turn out this week.

    lets stick with childhood realities which spawned the first two efforts.

  35. @Fishy: Join the club. Fleur is still feigning offense at my "expression" haiku. Something about -- uh -- never mind.

  36. Mercy!

    I'se missed the party. Oh, dear hostess, please forgive this silly Cracker lady fer such a lapse of good manners. I confess that by the time Aunty escaped the rigors of the day an' half the night, I sank into mah bed.

    Early this mornin' I'se still soggin' abed--readin' a little of Annie dillard, an laughed out loud when I read this:

    "Many of us will be among the dead, then. Will we know or care, we who once owned the still bones under the quick ones, who SPIN inside the planet with our heels in the air?"

    (Annie Dillard: For The Time Being)

    Thas' all the SPIN I can offer fer now--but whata grand job of hostin' ya done, Pearly Girl!
    I await yore judgin' with the same anticipation as the faithful who done their assignments.

    P.S. stick to yore guns on puke. Granny tole us younguns that a vulgar word wuz any what left a disgustin' mental image in the mind. She used to defend her own use of "damn!" by claimin' it din't leave no foul mental imagery that other four letter words left--like C R A P, a word us kids discovered brought a swat to the posterior.

  37. Fleur,

    Interesting perspective on the looks of the brown trout. They are not pretty like flowers, but they do have beauty and grace. Most trout are beautifully patterned and colored, particularly so just out of the water. My most favorite is the high-altitude golden trout that has a nearly neon orange stripe running down its golden side. That is set off by an olive back and orange fins. They look like fancy cloisonne jewelry.


  38. Where can I fish for those golden trout around here? I know there used to be a couple of high lakes in the Sierras. Oh well. I dislike fish anyway. I didn't when I was a kid though.

    I've got to wonder, is there a word for regurgitate or vomit that doesn't bring about a disgusting mental image?

  39. @Curmy: Nothing comes to mind, but I'm loving that this question was raised on Fleur's turf.

  40. Good afternoon Fleur,

    My apologies for being so late to get back to you. Just judge the one I didn't screw up.

    @ Serendipity: Trout are pretty. Pretty tasty.

    @ Curmudgon: Emesis the medical term for vomiting doesn't sound so bad.

  41. Karl,

    But emesis has too many syllables.


    Used to be Kelly Lake and Wellington Lake and some streams. Not sure now but I bet CDOW could tell you. They are normally higher elevation fish. You don't have to fish to eat fish, you can fish to let your rod and reel take you for a walk into spectacular country. Especially if you don't care if the fish are big. The smaller the trout, the greater the solitude.


  42. Sorry I missed this week Fleur. So much going on with my mad cap of a family.

    Good luck everyone. Lots of competition this week!


  43. Oh Fleur,
    I am dreadful sorry this thread happened.
    These boys are just the same as the freckled redhead on the playground. Once he got a whiff of something disturbing to the girls? It became his purpose in life to aggravate every one of us with his icky words as often as possible.

  44. Fishy has a problem with trout? Who knew?

  45. With regard to the matter of emesis. There are only three syllable. And being stuck with a certain level of sophomoric humor, I have to add the following:

    Warning warning warning!
    Those with the sensitive nature. Please don't scroll down.

    Curm and Czar this one's for you 2.

    Feeling queasy about to...
    barf, hurl, ralph, purge, hork, buick. spew.
    Please say emesis.

    OK now admit it, how many scroll down?

  46. I will make it my life's mission to make sure everyone uses the word emesis from now on.

  47. I scrolled down. I have no problem with emesis, but prefer that it's called "hurl."

  48. I have to admit I am getting an education from Karl. I never knew hork and buick were synonyms of the aforementioned activity. LOL


  49. Well, isn't this a delightful set of comments on my blog? I spend all day traveling to Atlanta on my sister's USAir pass and my mother (who usually has linguini with clam sauce awaiting me) suggestes that I make myself a Screwdriver and a salami sandwich on white bread. This is Oscar Meyer kids' lunch salami--not Eataly, NYC salami.

    And THIS is what's been happening all day? Really? I need another Screwdriver to blot out the many unpleasant images herein.

    Before that, let me say that this has been an amazing collection of haiku. My heart pulled toward Rafa's "love me, love me not," but since the first read, Curmudgeon's first entry really had me:

    Like one half a moth

    the autumn maple seed falls

    while spinning the world

    The visual is spot-on, and "spinning the world" made me think of moths and silkworms spinning silk to make kimonos and caterpillars becoming butterflies and the world spinning around with butterflies in it...the haiku simply spoke to me on all levels. So, congratulations Curmy! Well done. You will be the recipient of Fleur's Haiku Monday Love Songs. (I owe it to at least 3 other winners too! New Year's Resolutions are coming!)

    Aunty Belle, I'm glad things have smoothed out for you, and I loved the coincidence that your early a.m. reading surfaced! Corey Jo, we missed you, and I missed Chicky, too! Next time, yes?

    Honored, as always, FLEUR, who supports no word but "dyspeptic" when it comes to unpleasant stomach situations.

  50. (buick?)

    Congratulations, Curm! da winnnnnnnnahhhh!

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