Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Haiku Monday: The Winner for SPIN

Well, isn't this a delightful set of comments on my blog? I spend all day traveling to Atlanta on my sister's USAir pass and my mother (who usually has linguini with clam sauce awaiting me) suggestes that I make myself a Screwdriver and a salami sandwich on white bread. This is Oscar Meyer kids' lunch salami--not Eataly, NYC salami.

And THIS is what's been happening all day? Really? I need another Screwdriver to blot out the many unpleasant images herein.

Before that, let me say that this has been an amazing collection of haiku. My heart pulled toward Rafa's "love me, love me not," but since the first read, Curmudgeon's first entry really had me:

Like one half a moth

the autumn maple seed falls

while spinning the world

The visual is spot-on, and "spinning the world" made me think of moths and silkworms spinning silk to make kimonos and caterpillars becoming butterflies and the world spinning around with butterflies in it...the haiku simply spoke to me on all levels. So, congratulations Curmy! Well done. You will be the recipient of Fleur's Haiku Monday Love Songs. (I owe it to at least 3 other winners too! New Year's Resolutions are coming!)

Aunty Belle, I'm glad things have smoothed out for you, and I loved the coincidence that your early a.m. reading surfaced! Corey Jo, we missed you, and I missed Chicky, too! Next time, yes?

Honored, as always, FLEUR, who supports no word but "dyspeptic" when it comes to unpleasant stomach situations.


  1. Wow! I'm waaay surprised. After I saw Roxie's reference to Demeter and harpies I though she had it all knitted up. Thank you. I liked scout's hound dog too.
    I just brushed my Poppy-dog and her spots came off! Really! Freaked me out. Hon says Appaloosa horses do that too. She spins around about ten times before laying down too.
    I wouldn't think you'd trust me after all the mistakes I made hosting last time. I'll do better this week. I think I've got it figured out.
    I would've hated to be you this week Fleur. Tough choices!

  2. Hoo-Wheeeee! Congratulations Curmudgy !! It t'were a grand Haiku. An' you'll be a marvelous host--no worries.

    Fleur, well done! Iffin' I may say so, ya DESERVE some linguine wif' clam sauce. Youse classy, 'cause dyspeptic be the perfectly polite
    description of the distress.

    Have the merriest of Christmases !!

  3. Congratulations on your fine, fine spin Curmudgeon! Fleur is spot on with her observation; it generates nothing but beautiful imagery.

    Well done Fleurdeleo,
    there were fabulous haikus this week,
    judging must have required a screwdriver.

    Merry Christmas! May it be merry and bright.

  4. Way to go, Curm.

    Fleur, Mama Fleur needs to step up her game. Why does she even have white bread in the house?

  5. Congratulations Curm! I knew you had a lock on it as soon as I read yours. Almost didn't bother to enter one.

    The visuals were perfect, too.

    Fleur, you are to be commended on your patience. Thanks for hosting.


  6. Csar:The white bread says it's wheat bread: but it's white for sure--it's as white as my personal version of "DJ's Got Us Falling in Love."

    The judging was very tough--the entries were all so good, and I was impressed by the array of takes on "spin."

    Curm, I thought Roxie's was superb. However: though "rutting like harpies" shows a superb imagination and exquisite way with words, it did not stimulate my Fleurian aesthetic sense.

    And you will make a fine host!

  7. Congrats Curm! I can't view his blog to see the visuals. Good hosting, Fleur.

  8. Good afternoon Fluer,

    Oscar Meyer salami in New York. Isn't that illegal? Thank you for hosting and keeping your sense of humor.

    Congratulations Curmudgeon you put a fine spin on things.

  9. Hey Everybody,

    Curmudgeon has a theme up at both his blogs already'

    The theme is SWEET.



    He wants to allow everyone enough time around the holiday.


  10. @Curmudgeon:
    I'm surprised you're surprised! Hands down; MOST EXCELLENT!!!

    Maybe this is why you're so unlucky in love...you keep wanting to pick clam sauce when salami's right at your fingertips!!! Maybe dear ol' Mama Mia is trying to tell ya' something...screwdriver, salami, what's she gonna do next, hit you over the head with a MAN?!? HaHa (sorry, you can delete if you'd like)


    P.S. I'm awful partial to the word "heave"... something wonderfully powerful and strong about the way it darts off the tongue.

  11. high velocity oral comestible projectile egress

  12. Congrats, Curm, on a most excellent haiku! Yours was the one to beat, for sure. Thanks for your most gracious hosting, Fleur, and my condolences on your mother's neglect of her culinary duties.

  13. I'se prayin' yore mama done rectified her mistake. Hope yore tummy is full.

    Fleur, the pleasure of yore literary talent is requested at http://ethercapacious.blogspot.com
    to add a verse or two to the book we's writin' fer Moi an' Boxer--who doan even have a favorite Christmas book!?? So...we's wrtinin' one fer 'em an' need yore own fine twist. Pleause come play, iffin' yore feets are sore from the Atlanta MallMaul.

  14. Merry Christmas. I've been having probs with my blog. If you were going to enter a haiku. the topic is sweet and the post is right below my Christmas pics or if you hit older posts it will pop up. It's Christmas night here and I feel like a roadie for the trans Siberian orchestra. I'll be so glad when I have everything put away and cleaned up.