Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cub of the Week: Torrence Coombs as Thomas Culpepper

He was a dastardly character on the Tudors.  Canadian actor Torrence Coombs as Thomas Culpepper.  (He's 27.)

Oh, what a broody gaze!  Things will not end well for Katherine Howard and 
Thomas Culpepper.


  1. His eyes are about one shade off of Marilyn Manson's.

  2. Huh. are dead on, as usual.

  3. Manson was never a Cub, though. Even when he was young. Feral, perhaps, but in the way that sewer rats are feral. I'm a fan of the music though: Songs For Pole Dancing in Hell's Strip Club.

  4. Other than the music of the gods, Moi listens to anything and everything, it appears. One day . . .

    Actually, I had a revelation reading a New Yorker poem titled "Facebook Sonnet." Led to a further revelation on one of the reasons mi esposa cannot listen to Coltrane. I feel like I've learned something.

    These thoughts will lead to a future blog posting on writing and music. Don't want to shoot the whole wad here, speaking of cliches.

  5. "Get down, real low down
    You listen to Coltrane
    Derail your own train
    Well, who hasn't been there before?"

    Not. Moi. (Raises hand and high fives Tere. Although, I doubt she listens to Ministry in its stead, either.)