Monday, May 2, 2011

Word to the Tipper: Song Lyric Haiku

My favorite lyric: "word to the Tipper 'rap won't fall/word to the bourgeois 'fuck all y'all."
-Sir Mix a Lot, "I Checks My Bank"

Tipper Gore, far right, Member, Parents' Music Resource Center

    My Haiku
    Hitchcock cool blonde mom
    fights off rage-filled words like birds
    heroine or fool?

Fake Tippi Hedren Halloween lookalike in "The Birds"

It's not often I would contradict the Csar...but I am forced to address his opinion that Tipper Gore was never much to look at.

Tipper and Al Gore as newlyweds...both hotties!


  1. From Tipper to Tippi . . . not that the former Mrs. Gore was ever much to look at, but that has to be the worst picture of her ever taken. She looks like an fat eighth-grade Pop Warner participant who was forced to show up at the high school prom when the theme was "Drag Queen Block Party." And her three friends are straight out of The Crucible. Good lord.

  2. Pretty good argument for staying single and childless.

  3. Everyone's something to look at when they're 25. So if nothing else, Tipper has at least that one moment in the sun when she looked like a fresh scrubbed California surfer babe. Al, however, always looked like he was headed towards bombast.

  4. thank you for making a blogga page. i didnt want to sign up for wordpress just to talk to you. congratulations on your win! but i dont think that is tippin in the photo...its somebody modeling the tippi/birds halloween costume. a classic!

  5. you bring up a good point. I THOUGHT she looked a little like a young Chelsea Handler. I wanted a good shot of Tippi fighting off the birds to match my haiku!