Sunday, May 8, 2011

God Love You, Mom

My mom and dad, spring of 1961.  My mom is six months pregnant with me.  Look at her glow!  (Possibly, from that cordial and cigarette combo.)


  1. Yore Mama is a purty thang! Hope ya tole her how much she means---

    But I does think ya got yore Daddy's mouth. (hee hee)

  2. What a great photo! I'm just a wee bit older. I love the style of that era. And it's amazing what
    pregnant women got to do during that time. Lol.
    I didn't get to do anything when I was pregnant.

  3. I've met your mother, but not when she was the age she was in this picture . . . closer to the age when I met you. The resemblance is, frankly, uncanny.

  4. Aunty B, I do tell her. She's actually arriving in NY today, along with her two sisters and my sister. They will all be weighing in on the Haiku!

    Foam, I have never been pregnant, but it seems to me if I were, all I'd want to do is drink wine till the 9 months were over.

    Csar--you would have met her when she's my age now. Is that what you meant? I am very flattered by your seeing the resemblence. It is widely commented on in my family that I look like my father (Aunty Belle pointed this out); but I feel I am a true mixture!

  5. A handsome couple. Nor do you seem the worse for her indulgences.

  6. Great photo. And I'm so diggin' the hat!