Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haiku Monday Challenge: First Kiss

Did you know that your mouth holds more bacteria than there are people in the whole world?

And still, we kiss.

This week's theme is "First Kiss."  Post your 5-7-5 haiku here at the comments section (as well as at your blog if you like.  But please make sure you post here!)  Deadline: Monday, 11:59pm

I will be this week's judge.  In addition to winning the most precious 
Haiku Monday Golden Badge, you will be awarded a mixed CD of love songs, handpicked from the Fleur's personal collection, which believe me, is extensive and includes such fine artists as 
Barry Manilow, Firefall, David Cassidy and The Smiths.

Good luck to you all!

I will start it off:

Gown of dusty rose
bloom of young desire crushed
drama club prom date


  1. Congrats on winning with your fab haiku!
    Al WAS a hottie. I saw him in a restaurant in Savannah 30 years ago and he was an eyefull.

    First kiss? That would have been my mom's boxer!

    Canine kisser of wee babe
    Guardian of love

    Oh-oh, you have word verification on! You may not know many of our regular haiku competitors will not comment on blogs with this feature selected.

  2. Thanks, fishy! I have disabled the word verification. Love the haiku!

  3. 1st kiss . . . geez.

    You know, I've tried to find her on the Intertubes. She must have ditched her maiden name in a serious way. Not that she'd probably have anything to do with me. And not that I'd contact her. Just curious.

    Hmm. Internet stalking might be a good Haiku Monday topic.

  4. Well, I can say for certain my first kiss was NOT Al Gore. Great topic. I'll be back . . .

  5. congratulations on your win!! have fun hosting. i'll see what i can come up with.

  6. Upon a re-read of your haiku, I think I get it. And if I get it correctly, then, yeah: word.

  7. I'm up!


    Toddler terrorist
    sights her playground prey. Chase, catch,
    kiss 'em 'til they cry.

    Eighth grade kegger's Grand
    Illusion: smells like leather,
    tastes like Marl'bro reds.

  8. Moi...Grand Illusion...very atmospheric! I saw Styx live last summer. They played with Kansas and fake Foreignor. Went because of Foreignor, but came out a Styx fan. They were stunning!

  9. It doesn't sound like a very good first kiss, but apparently it was memorable - like all first kisses.

    I'm up at the Buzzkill with memories of the first date with the Mrs.

    Thanks for hosting.

  10. Comforting, fragrant
    You were always there for me
    I loved that pillow

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hesitant lips meet.
    hard teeth, cold saliva, drool..
    where were the fireworks?

  13. I'm up with visuals at the Pond.

    Poor Foamy!
    It's a wonder we all survive.

  14. Bliss-cum-confusion,
    A coming of age: Two tongues
    In my mouth. For what?

  15. Wild Imaginings
    Awkward sloppy connection
    first kiss? not so good...

    I'll be up with this soon

  16. A-Gamers, all, but Czar's made me laugh out my coffee.

  17. Master Basho's Nostalgic GhostMay 9, 2011 at 7:29 AM

    I remember her
    as if it was just a few
    hundred years ago.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Oh, you all! So, so, visceral! Wonderful!

  20. Mah mah...fer some of these ya doan need no's tactile enough.

    Alas, fer Aunty's entry ya DO need the visual--please check it out at Ether Capacious

    Forbidden delight!
    Stolen silver pyramid,
    Mama knew, then smiled.

  21. high anxiety
    thunderclouds rise, burst open;
    a soul drenching first

  22. Hi Fleur, I will have an entry, but it I can't have it up for a few hours yet. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  23. Good afternoon Fleur,

    Yeah Aunty! OK fest up everybody, wasn't that your first kiss too?

    Sweet thing next to me.
    PLEASE, lucky spinning bottle.
    Alas her sister.

    I will show you mine
    and then you can show me yours.
    Perhaps kiss instead?

    As memory fades
    and the names and faces blurred.
    One stands out in time.

  24. i dont get stolen silver pyramid. what is it

  25. Anticipating:
    His arrival. Mother. Son.
    Our very first kiss.

  26. Ooooo, Karl's first one has inched up as my favorite. And Kym's—so sweet!

  27. Hey Y'all, this heah is from Uncle--he doan do no Haiku, seem "prissy" he say--but when I tole him the theme, well now, thas' different, an' he tossed out two quick fires that I offer heah fer yore amusement. Youse gonna notice right off that Uncle cain't git the idea of no rhymes--whatever, I did tell him. AN' ah, well, no visuals needed, either--you'll have yore own.

    Behind the school gym,
    know not how I should proceed;
    just followed her lead

    Downtown picture show,
    sitting in very last row-
    wanted more of this!

  28. @ Anon

    Please go see the visual--all will be made clear.

  29. @ Kym: Yours is just about perfect for a new mom.

    @ Aunty: Tell Uncle I have the same problem. Glad he threw a couple in.

  30. Grrherhahahaaha @ Karl. Very nice aunty. Sweet kymical haiku too. all are good!

  31. Is "Karl" one syllables or two?

    Karl! Karl! Karl!

    [Chanting, it sounds better as two]

  32. *one syllable.

    geez, get an editor in here, willya?

  33. @ Czar: Thank you and I hope I understand your edit, but I haven't slept in 24 hours. so I will leave it at this.

    Oh Sweet thing next to me.
    PLEASE, lucky spinning bottle.
    Alas her sister.

  34. Karl:

    I was editing my own mistake. Your first one was right on the money. 5-7-5.

  35. Wonderful! And, it's amazing what macho, banjo-plucking, corncob pipe smoking men will do when it comes to musing about kissing.

    Tomorrow around 9-ish, I will collect all the haiku, bringing them to Les Halles downtown, where my mom, sister, and two aunts will help me assess them over escargots and wine. They have a hard task ahead of them! (And let's just say that my mother didn't show the appreciation for my award-winning haiku on Tipper Gore that you all did!

  36. Fleur, I'm so envious of your escargots and wine. Will look forward to your fine assessment tomorrow :)

    Happy Haiku Monday to all!


  37. Chuckle@ Karl's bottle roulette,

    heart tug @ Master Basho's poignant point toward eternity.

    Fleurdeleo? Yore Mom an' sister an' Aunts? I'se jealous--HUG THEM DEARLY--an woan they have jes' a delicious time wif' yore assignment!

  38. Tipsy judging! The best kind. (Although my jury is still out on escargot.)

    Good luck, Fleur, and have fun!

  39. @ all: We are going to take a break this week and haiku will return starting Monday the 23rd with the topic: Hobbies. Moi will host, unless Troll steps up. Thank's Moi!

    Hopfully this will allow Blogger time to get squared away and fix its self.

    Thank you all for playing!

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